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Kathleen Robertson Biography

Kathleen Robertson Biography

Born:  July 8, 1973, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Birth Name:  Kathleen E. Robertson
Nickname:  Kath
Height:  5′ 4″ (1.63 m)


William Robertson Cowles — Son
Gary Robertson — Father
Chris Cowles — Husband
Joyce Robertson — Mother
Gregg Araki — Ex-significant Other

Kathleen Robertson was born on July 8, 1973, in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. She was named Kathleen E. Robertson by her proud parents, Joyce and Gary Robertson, who is an interior designer.

Kathleen is a vivacious, pretty brunette who stands 1.63 m tall in her stocking feet. She received her education at the prestigious Hillfield Strathallan College, a local private school in Hamilton.

Kathleen began studying voice, dancing, and acting at the age of ten. During Kathleen’s teenage years, she played Tina Edison, the genius daughter of Dr. Fred Edison in the series Maniac Mansion, which played on The Family Channel in the United States.

The Edison family had inherited a mansion with an active meteor in the basement and they were all inventors. The show ran from 1990 to 1993.  In the early days of her career, Kathleen mainly played television film roles until she had a small role in the movie Blown Away as a teenager named Dada.

In 1992, Kathleen co-starred in the Canadian film Lapse of Memory, in which she is the girlfriend of a boy who has lost his memory. While Kathleen was working on this film, she was invited to go to Los Angeles, California for a screen test.

At the age of 19, Kathleen took off to Hollywood and, within a year, she had the role of a young woman threatened by a plague that was killing people living in New York City in the drama Quiet Killer.

In another film called Survive the Night, Kathleen and Stephanie Powers are threatened by a street gang. In 1994, Kathleen was given the role of the selfish, willful, self-centered Clare Arnold on the Fox Television series Beverly Hills 90210.

She played this role from 1994 to 1997, when the series ended. This role gave Kathleen the exposure that she needed, which led to other roles.

In 1997, Kathleen had the lead role in the film Nowhere and, when it was released, she hoped it would open new doors for her. Although the film did not greatly advance her career, she did have a steady flow of roles for a number of years.

 In 1998, in the comedy movie Dog Park, Kathleen plays the role of a young woman who leaves her boyfriend and takes the dog they shared when she moves.

 the year 2000, she starred in the Sally Field project Beautiful. In this movie, Kathleen plays the role of Wanda Love, who is Miss Tennessee, in a drama about a beauty pageant.

During the same year, she was in the cast of the film Psycho Beach Party. This film was based on the off-Broadway play of the same name and takes place in Malibu Beach.

In 2002, Kathleen starred in the sequel Scary Movie 2 as Theo, a young teenage girl who, along with other teens, visit a mansion that is haunted by a ghost. During the same year, Kathleen starred as the notorious Canadian murderer Evelyn Dick in Torso: The Evelyn Dick Story, set in 1946 and based on a true story.

For her performance in this role, she was nominated for a Gemini. Kathleen made a brief stay on television with the short-lived sitcom Girl’s Club. For a while, she acted in a string of independent comedies and dramas.

In 2006, along with an impressive cast, Kathleen performed in the film Hollywoodland, which tells the life story of George Reeves, who played Superman in the 1950s television series.

During Kathleen’s hectic career, she found time to fall in love, get married, and have one child. Her husband, Chris Cowles, and Kathleen welcomed their first child, a son, named William Robert Cowles, into their world on July 9, 2008, in Los Angeles, California.


2015 The Vatican Tapes Dr. Richards
2012 Mall Cop (2004) Donna
2006 Hollywoodland Carol Van Ronkel
2004 Until the Night Elizabeth
2003 Speaking of Sex Grace
2002 XX/XY Thea
2001 Scary Movie 2 Theo
2001 Investigating Sex
2000 Psycho Beach Party Rhonda
1998 Dog Park Cheryl


2015 – The Vatican Tapes

Dr. Richards

2013 – Time Of Death Jordan Price (TV movie)

2013 – Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story 

Colleen Howe

– Three Days in Havana 

Emily (Not yet released)

2012 – Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden (TV movie) 


2011 – Down the Road Again 


2011 – Losing Control 


2010 – A Night for Dying Tigers 


2009 – Not Since You  

Amy Smith

2008 – Glitch (TV movie) 


2008 – The Terrorist Next Door (TV movie) 


2008 – Player 5150 


2006 – Hollywoodland 

Carol Van Ronkel

2006 – Last Exit (TV movie) 

Beth Welland

2005 – 5150 Mall Cop 


2004 – Control

Eden Ross

2004 – Until the Night


2003 – In the Dark (TV movie) 

Rachel Speller

2003 – I Love Your Work 

Swoosh Journalist

2002 – Torso: The Evelyn Dick Story (TV movie) 

Evelyn Dick

2002 – XX/XY 


2001 I Am Sam 

Big Boy Waitress

2001 – Speaking of Sex 


2001 – Scary Movie 2 


2000 – Beautiful 

Wanda Love, Miss Tennessee

2000 – Psycho Beach Party


1999 – Splendor 


1998 – Dog Park 


1998 – I Woke Up Early the Day I Died 

Ticket Girl

1997 – Nowhere 


1994 – In the Line of Duty: The Price of Vengeance (TV movie) 

Susan Williams

1995 – Blown Away 


1993 – Survive the Night (TV movie) 


1993 – Quiet Killer (TV movie)

Sara Dobbs

1992 – Liar’s Edge 

Bobby Swaggart

1992 – Lapse of Memory 

Patrick (Melody)

1985 – Left Out 


2015 The Fixer (TV mini-series)

Ellie (Released in the UK)

2014 – Present Murder In The First (Tv Series)

Hildy Mulligan

2011-2012 Boss (TV series) 

Kitty O’Neill

2007 Tin Man (TV mini-series) 


2006-2007 The Business (TV series) 

Julia Sullivan

2002 Girls Club (TV series) 

Jeannie Falls

1994-1997 Beverly Hills, 90210 (TV series) 

Clare Arnold

1990-1993 Maniac Mansion (TV series) 

Tina Edison


2014 – Bates Motel – Season 2

Jodi Wilson

– The Escape Artist

– Plunge

– Meltdown

– The Box

– The Immutable Truth 

2013 Cracked (TV series) 

Erin Laswell

– White Knight (2013)  Erin Laswell

2011 Rookie Blue (TV series) 

Leslie Atkins

– Best Laid Plans (2011) Leslie Atkins

2010 CSI: Miami (TV series) 

Kayla Pennington

– Meltdown (2010)  Kayla Pennington

2009 Flashpoint (TV series) 

Helen Mitchell

– Custody (2009) Helen Mitchell

2006 Medium (TV series) 

Diana Marvin / Kathy

– Ghost in the Machine (2006) Kathy/Diana Marvin

2005 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV series) 

Darla Pearson

– View from Up Here (2005) Darla Pearson

1995 Burke’s Law (TV series) 

Tracy Bird

– Who Killed the World’s Greatest Chef? (1995) Tracy Bird

TV Series Cast

Maniac Mansion (1990-1993)

Beverly Hills 90210 (1993-1997)

Girls Club (2002)

The Business (2006-2007)

Tin Man (2007, mini-series)

Boss (2011-2012)

Murder in the First (2014-2016)

The Fixer (2015, mini-series)

Northern Rescue (2019)

TV Series Guest Appearances

My Secret Identity (1988)

The Hidden Room (1993)

Heaven Help Us (1994)

Burke’s Law (1995)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2005)

Medium (2006)

Tin Man (2007)

Flashpoint (2009)

CSI: Miami (2010)

Rookie Blue (2011)

Cracked (2013)

Bates Motel (2014)

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