Chantal Kreviazuk

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Chantal Kreviazuk Overview

Birthday: May 18, 1974

Nationality: Canadian

Famous: Musicians Canadian Women

Age: 45 Years, 45-Year-Old Females

Sun Sign: Taurus

Also Known As Chantal Jennifer Kreviazuk CM

Born In: Holne, Devon, England

Famous As: Canadian Singer-Songwriter

Height: 5’8″ (173 cm), 5’8″ Females

Father: Charles Kingsley

Mother: Mary Lucas Kingsley

Siblings: Henry Kingsley

Children: Mary St Leger Kingsley

Place Of Death: Eversley, Hampshire, England

Currently: Toronto, ON, Canada
Genres: Singer/Songwriter, Pop Rock, Pop, Piano Rock, Alternative Rock

Chantal Kreviazuk Biography

Chantal Kreviazuk is the third child and only daughter of Jon and Carole Kreviazuk. She was born on May 18, 1973, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was raised in a wealthy suburb of Winnipeg along with two brothers who considered her the bratty little sister. When she was a little girl, Chantal would watch her brothers as they struggled through piano practice, hating every minute of it.

She also wanted to play the piano but her mother felt she was too young. One day, her mother caught Chantal playing tunes on the piano and was amazed at her talent. She had a very good ear for music. Her mother soon arranged for her to take lessons.
Chantal trained in classical piano and voice at the Royal Conservatory of Music for many years.

She competed in various festivals and competitions vocally and on the piano. During her teens in a fit of rebellion, Chantal quit the conservatory and gave up on the idea of becoming a classical concert pianist and formed a garage band with four boys. During this period in her life, Chantal began writing commercial jingles for money or playing the odd show on the lounge circuit.

Songwriting was her escape from the pressures of adolescence as she felt self-conscious and unpopular and found her teen years horrible ones. In September of 1994, Chantal was to begin studying at the University of Manitoba but never made it. During the summer she had been traveling through Europe with her then-boyfriend.

One day he suggested that they rent mopeds in order to see Florence, Italy better. While driving in the city that evening, Chantal accidentally drove her moped down a one-way street. Suddenly she realized there was a motorcycle without its headlights on coming towards her, but it was too late to stop or get out of the way.

Chantal was thrown off the moped during the impact. Her leg was broken and she had contusions all over her head. She spent three weeks in a foreign hospital in order to have reconstructive surgery on her face and leg. Once home in Winnipeg, Chantal was confined to her bed and was unable to move. At 21, she could not do the daily tasks such as having a bath and eating.

In order to eat, she had to use a popsicle stick to open her mouth as she had six plates and twenty screws in her face. During her long convalescence, Chantal had time to evaluate her life and to get her priorities in order. She realized that she had to take her music in a much more serious manner. It was something that she could give rather than use to get money. While she was ill, Chantal would sit at the piano and write songs.

During this time period, Chantal recorded demos that were sent to various music studios. The head talent scout for Sony Records Canada heard her tape and was very impressed and immediately called Sony Music’s president. Both men flew to Winnipeg the next day and offered her a contract for one million dollars for two albums over the next five years.

Chantal was then flown to Los Angeles to begin recording her debut album called “Under These Rocks and Stones.” This album and two of its singles gave Chantal her first Juno nomination as Best New Artist in 1997. For her second album, entitled “Colour Moving and Still,” Chantal teamed up with Raine Maida, the lead singer of Our Lady Peace, to write songs. During that year, Chantal performed at the Juno Awards her single “Before You” and also won two awards for Best Adult/Pop Album and Best Female Artist.

In December of 1999, Chantal and Raine were married. Together, they have produced several albums and have written many songs. Chantal’s work is often heard on many soundtracks for films and television shows. Since 2003, Chantal and Raine have written songs for other artists such as Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson. Each year, the results of Chantal’s work steadily improves and her fans readily await her new releases. 

Chantal Kreviazuk lyrics

Album: “Under These Rocks And Stones” (1997)
God Made Me
Don’t Be Good
Imaginary Friend
Green Apples
Actions Without Love
album: “Colour Moving And Still” (2000)
Dear Life
Until We Die
Before You
Soul Searching
Far Away
Little Things
album: “What If It All Means Something” (2002)
In This Life
What If It All Means Something
Flying Home (Brenda’s Song)
Weight Of The World
Ready For Your Love
Morning Light
Miss April
Turn The Page
album: “Ghost Stories” (2007)
Ghosts Of You
All I Can Do
Spoke In Tongues
Mad About You
So Cold
Waiting For The Sun
You Blame Yourself
Grow Up So Fast
Wendy House
album: “Plain Jane” (2009)
Half Of Me
Ordinary People
5000 Days
The Way
Plain Jane
Say The Word
Kerosene Lamp
Halfway Around The World
Na Miso
album: “Hard Sail” (2016)
Hard Sail
All I Got
Into Me
Meant For This
Snowing In The Desert
I Love You
Smile In Your Sleep
album: “Christmas Is A Way Of Life, My Dear” (2019)
Christmas Is A Way Of Life, My Dear
Winter Wonderland
Blue Christmas
Wonderful Christmastime
What Child Is This
I Wanna Be An Angel
Silent Night
The Christmas Train
other songs:
Always A Woman
Blow Up The Outside World
Boys Of Summer
Child Of The Water
Danny Boy
Feels Like Home
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
I Can’t Make You Love Me
In My Life
Ken’s Song
Leaving On A Jet Plane
Love Is All
Love’s Recovery
O Canada
O Holy Night
Old Man
San Diego Serenade
Stewart’s Coat

These Days

(from “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” soundtrack)
Wild Horses
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