Sam Roberts

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Sam Roberts (Radio Personality) Overview

Born: September 6, 1983 (age 36)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Medium: Radio host television
Years active: 2005–present
Notable works and roles: Jim Norton & Sam Roberts
Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast

Spouse: (1)Jess (? – present) ( 1 child)
Trivia: (1) Co-hosts the “Jim Norton and Sam Roberts” show with Jim Norton (2016-Present).

Sam Roberts Biography

Sam Roberts is a young, rising rock star who is receiving a great deal of attention from various radio stations across Canada. His lyrics are sincere and honest and his sound is rich and rocking. It is the type of music that makes you want to move. Sam was born on October 2, 1974, in Point-Claire, Quebec to South African parents. 

He told his parents about his desire to learn how to play one and they went out to buy Sam a violin. He took violin lessons until he was 20. Although Sam loved the violin he only plays it when he was alone in his room. At the age of 10, Sam got a guitar and he plays it well beyond his bedroom today. At 15, Sam was writing his own songs and creating his own sound His school years were spent at Loyola High School and McGill University in Montreal.

Sam Roberts Radio Career

In 1993, Sam forms a band called William which was later chang to Northstar in 1996. The band’s music played a fair bit on college radio stations, was a MuchMusic feature, and work around Los Angeles while doing demos. Unfortunately, the band was not successful and was disbanded in 1998.

After the band disbanded, Sam records a full-length independent debut CD call “Brother Down” at home. He performs all the vocals and instrumental parts himself. In 2001, Sam record and release a six-song E.P., call ‘The Inhuman Condition” at Maple Music Recordings. The E.P. 

In 2003, Sam signs with Universal Music and record his full-length major label debut recording ‘We Were Born in Flame: Two of the singles on the recording were very successful. Sam’s band consists of Eric Fares (keyboards, guitar, vocals). 

In 2006, Sam and his band’s new album call “Chemical City”. was released in Canada and the United States and shot to number one on Canadian rock radio stations. Three of the songs on this recording were top hit singles. Sam and his fellow musicians have been very successful over a short period of time and their music and talent have been honor with various awards.

In 2003, they won Junos for Single of the Year, Rock Album of the Year, Mist of the Year and Best Director. In 2007, they won Junos for Video of the Year and Rock Album of the Year. Sam is bilingual and is able to speak English and French fluently.

He marri his high school sweetheart Jen of 13 years and they had a baby girl, named Miriam Rose, in January of 2007. Sam’s fans and Canada can expect to see and hear more from him and his music in the future whether it be on the road, on the airwaves or on the move. 

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