Karen Cockburn Biography,Birthday, Career,Personal life

Karen Cockburn Biography,Career,Personal life

Karen Cockburn Biography

Born: October 2, 1980
Age: 39
Height: 163cm
Weight: 55kg
Birthplace: Toronto, ON
Home Province: Ontario
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Residence: Stouffville, ON
Sport:Gymnastics – Trampoline

Toronto 2015
London 2012
Beijing 2008
Athens 2004
Sydney 2000

Karen Cockburn is a Canadian trampoline gymnast. She is a legend in the trampoline event and has been the best trampoline gymnast in Canada for 12 years. Since she has been on the national team, she has overcome many obstacles during her rise to the top of the trampoline world and has achieved national and international recognition.

Her efforts have made her a great ambassador for Canada and the sport of trampoline. Karen was born in Toronto on October 2, 1980, and was raised in the suburb called North York. Her athletic career began with the sport of diving. She used the trampoline during her training to simulate a diving board. At the age of 11, Karen switched from diving to artistic gymnastics.

It was then that she realized the competitive trampoline was her true calling. Karen was selected to join the Canadian National team when she was 14. One day, during training in 1995, Karen accidentally stepped on a ball while practicing on the trampoline.

She seriously injured her knee and had to have reconstructive surgery. Her injury kept her from training and competing for a year. She returned to the competitive trampoline world wearing a knee brace until 1999.

Karen developed a reputation throughout the trampoline world as being able to land her flips exactly where she planned on the trampoline. She also is known for her strong competitive drive that provides her with the energy to perform some of the most difficult routines in the world.

Karen has dominated the trampoline gymnastics sport in Canada, winning the national title nine times. In the 2000 Olympic Games held in Sydney, Karen came home with a bronze medal. Four years later in the Athens Olympic Games, she performed a difficult trampoline routine that secured her birth in the finals. She won a silver medal and was the first trampoline gymnast to win two Olympic medals.

In 2003, Cockburn won her first world title. Since then, she has won dozens of World Cup medals. Karen is also part of a world-class women’s synchronized trampoline team. Her partner is Rosannagh MacLennan and together they have won eight World Cups in a row and captured gold at the 2007 World Championships. At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Karen qualified for the finals in 4th place and won a silver medal in the women’s final.

She is the only trampoline athlete to have won a medal at every Olympic Games. Karen was chosen to carry Canada’s flag during the closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. Karen’s accomplishments have brought many aspiring trampolinists to the various clubs in Canada and have helped with the recognition and awareness of the sport of trampolining.

On December 22, 2007, Karen married her fellow-Olympian and former training partner Mathieu Turgeon. Karen’s biography entitled Karen Cockburn: Flying High was published in November of 2007.


2015 pan am games- Bronze Medal

2012 Pacific Rim Championships- Silver Medal

2012 Pacific Rim Championships- Gold Medal

2009 FIG World Championships- Bronze Medal

2008 Pacific Rim Championships- Silver Medal

2007 Pan Am Games- Gold Medal

2006 Pan American Championships- Gold Medal

2008 Olympics- Silver Medal

2004 Olympics – Silver Medal

2000 Olympics – Bronze Medal

2009 FIG World Championships – Gold Medal

Personal Bests



Score Date Location
Synchronized Trampoline



14.20 06 NOV 2006 Birmingham, U.K
Women’s Individual trampoline 106.90 31 OCT 2007 Canadian Championships
Synchronized Trampoline 131.70 14 DEC 2007 Regina, Saskatchewan
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